About Us

Ritual Curious is the name of a new project from Galería David Serra – Fine Tribal Art, with its origins in a suite of monthly on-line catalogues published in April 2020.

The project came about in response to the worldwide standstill caused by Covid-19. Movement restrictions, art show cancellations and limitations of social contact were making it increasingly difficult for us to stay in touch with tribal art enthusiasts. Against this background, the idea for a monthly on-line exhibit of a curated selection of works emerged.

The idea is to stay apace with collectors in the development of their tastes, and surprise them with renewed offerings.

Once launched, the on-line catalogues met with widespread acclaim. That is why we have decided to take them a step further, and give Ritual Curious its own independent space, outside the Galería David Serra – Fine Tribal Art website.

Ritual Curious can be defined as a 100% on-line gallery with a calling to disseminate and promote the sublimely fascinating world of tribal art, sharing the function, context and meaning of the works displayed. Built under the supervision of internationally-renowned tribal art expert David Serra, the hand-picked selection of works adheres to strict criteria of artistic quality, ethnographic interest and authenticity.

Visitors to our platform can explore the exhibited objects, their provenance and value with just a few clicks, and total transparency, from the comfort of their own home. This way, the beauty of tribal art will be accessible to everyone, in a space where expert collectors can find new pathways to expand their collections, and beginners can contact our consultants, who will guide them through their first steps in the tribal art world.  

The gallery will offer a monthly exhibition featuring high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

Visitors to the Ritual Curious catalogue will find the class of art works that caught the eyes and imagination of the early 20th-century artistic avant-garde with their vitality and the unique worldview they embody.

Ritual Curious guarantees the authenticity and provenance of every piece with a certificate of authenticity overseen by David Serra himself.

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